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Whee! That was fun

I'm pleased to report that the Murder Evening was great fun. In addition to the approximately 90 paying diners, there were the family of gangsters, the rival gangster and the detective who all mingled with the guests and played out the drama of their complex and (ultimately) violent relationship. It was all too complicated to relate here -- in the best whodunit tradition -- and there were red herrings galore (mostly created by the guests reading more into the situation than was meant!). We all questioned the characters, made notes and tried to draw conclusions. My guess was half right. I thought the gangster had set his adopted daughter up to murder his wife. In fact he had murdered her himself. But that didn't really matter. It was the experience that mattered.

I am now unwinding in my hotel room, feeling sleepy and ready for bed. Tomorrow the plan is to investigate the quaint village (weather permitting) before heading off home.

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