Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Foods you used to love that you can't eat now and vice versa

Over on Facebook a friend asked:

a) what food you would not eat as a kid and love as an adult;
b) what food you loved as a kid and would not eat now.

This took a bit of thought because there are things I refused to eat as a child, like fatty meat, that I still can't/won't eat now. Also things I hated as a child like parsnips and mushrooms that I now enjoy in small quantities, but don't exactly love. So I think it has to be onions.

I remember my brother and I wouldn't eat any trace of onion so my poor mother would put them in whole to flavour the stew and then try to fish them out without leaving any bits behind. Now I use them in just about every savoury dish. I also like them raw, but they no longer like me and upset my digestive tract, so I can only eat a very tiny quantity.

As to things I loved as a child and find horrible now, probably candy floss and raw cake mixture scraped from the mixing bowl. My brother and I used to fight to be the one to lick the mixing spoons and eat the last bits of mixture.

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