Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A cold and frosty morning

Today was Sunday and a Quaker meeting day. I needed to get there early to set up the room. I thought I had plenty of time but had not realised quite how cold it had been overnight. The car was thoroughly frosted over and the can of de-icer spray was almost empty. However, I started up the car and sprayed and scraped and managed to clear the windows and mirrors enough to drive safely and I did arrive just in time. The car park by the village hall was bathed in sunshine, so as there wasn't anyone else there, I parked parallel to the fence rather than at right angles so the car would have maximum sun on it during meeting.

As it turned out, there was only one other person there. I think it's time for some serious decision making regarding the future of our meeting. After 50 years of meeting in someone's house, our local meeting moved to a village hall. This was mainly because M's husband had died and she is now elderly. We had become concerned that her address was public because it was the meeting venue. Also M's mobility had declined considerably and if she became too infirm, the meeting might have to move suddenly. It was also thought that we'd attract new members if we were more visible.

At first the plan seemed to be working. We gained 3 new members quite quickly, but then the most energetic and enthusiastic new member moved away to take up a new job and two old members stopped coming, so we were back to the number we started with. I think we need to take some hard decisions in the near future.

Meanwhile, I am still taking photos and they're still pretty much desperation shots. I snapped this sunlit tree in the corner of the car park just before I drove home after meeting. Rather more green than one might expect for two-thirds of the way through January. I think that's a holly in the background and lots of ivy climbing up the tree.


Sunlit tree & gate

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