Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Aaargh! So much noise outside!

It's not right outside, in fact it's somewhere on the other side of the valley, but it sounds as though someone is using a pneumatic drill, or some kind of grinder which is alternating with a chainsaw.

Normally it wouldn't bother me, but I was hoping to record the voice over for the goldmine video and I think the noise is loud enough to be caught by my microphone. So just as I seem to have got the computer running as normal, I can't make as much progress as I would like. Having said that, I can carry on with the video editing and I do have the rest of the script to write, so as long as they're not going to be doing this all week, I should get things done eventually.

In other news, I was naughty and skipped Welsh class this morning. I think I've only missed one class so far this academic year and I felt so tired after a weekend of computer wrangling. I was also behind with a lot of routine stuff that I hadn't been able to do on the computer. I will just have to apologise profusely when I see my tutor at the informal chat session on Wednesday.

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