Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Slowly making progress

Today I did some useful things:

* Searched for and found the notes I'd made for the Merched y Wawr meeting next week. As it's the special meeting for Welsh learners, I was asked to introduce the person who will be running the session. Ages ago I'd jotted down some ideas of what to say, and then lost them. The notes turned out to be exactly where I thought they should be, i.e. on the small table beside my computer. They'd just got buried under a pile of other papers.

* Activated my new debit card that arrived yesterday. I must remember to use it with the PIN before I try to use it for a contactless payment.

* Recorded the first part of the voice over for my goldmine video. After some experimenting last month, I discovered that the best sound was recorded using the old Samsung phone an the label mike. The newer Huawei phone would also no doubt do a good job, but the mike doesn't have the right type of connector and I can't be bothered to buy a converter, though I'm sure they exist.

* Did some more video editing, adding the voice over to the clips I'd already started putting together. The computer is really struggling, so I may have to bite the bullet and think seriously about a new one. However, for now I will persevere with what I've got.

And after watching a YouTube video by a very enthusiastic young photographer, it's now time to cook dinner.

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