Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The campaign to rejoin starts tomorrow

Today, as a counter balance to any celebrating of Brexit that might be going on elsewhere, I have planned a personal pro-Europe day. I am wearing blue and did a Say Something in Spanish lesson as I walked up (in the rain) to see my elderly friend. We will be eating a European themed meal tonight. OK, it's just pizza like we always have on a Friday, but I have a bottle of Italian red wine and Belgian Buns and some salad grown in Spain to accompany it. Then after dinner, we will watch an episode of Montalbano. Tomorrow the fight to rejoin begins, preferably as an independent Wales. Cymru Rydd yn Ewrop!

5/52 for the weekly alphabet challenge

This week's theme was: E is for Effort

It took a bit of an effort to go out in the rain this morning, but I enjoyed the walk once I was outside.

Wet walk

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