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Weekly round up

I'm snatching a moment while G's curry simmers to do a quick summary of the week. This is really for my own benefit because one of the delights of LiveJournal is that it's so easy to look back and see what you were doing a year ago. So this is what I did last week.

Monday: I had an Eeek! moment on Sunday when I realised that the car's front tyres had no discernable tread and the one on the right looked sort of lumpy and melted. Aaargh! How had that happened? So today I rushed it into the garage to ensure that it was safe and legal again before having to drive to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Weather still cold, but the centre in Ruthin was warmer this week, so we managed the whole evening class this week. Last week we gave up after an hour because the few people who had braved the snow were slowly succumbing to hypothermia.

Wednesday: I felt the digital photography class went rather well tonight. It's a new kind of teaching for me as I have to divide the group and have them doing different activities in order to share the 3 cameras. Or perhaps it's almost like a return to the small group teaching I did in my last job? The still life of Toys proved very popular.

Thursday: I arrived back in the main college to teach the email and web module of the ECDL class. The class has been temporarily shifted from the little community centre in Ruthin, due to the Internet connection there being little better than a dial-up modem. I had planned to spend the time between 5pm and the class starting at 6.45pm writing a mock test and sending the emails needed for the students to respond to; but I found that the whole network was down and the technicians were in disaster recovery mode. Fortunately I had the laptop, so I wrote the test, but couldn't print it until the network was back up again, mere moments before the students walked in through the door. The emails were sent while the students worked through the first multi-choice questions!

Friday: Finally a clear day to attack the dull admin tasks that had been building up. Lots done, but still more to do.

Saturday: G's chest of drawers collapsed the other week and I'd got as far as dragging it downstairs and dumping it in the conservatory. Today I decided that the clutter was getting on my nerves, so I hauled it down to the cleared area just beyond the bottom of the garden and burned it, along with a pile of boxes from the garage. Very cathartic. Had relaxing bath afterwards with some of the smelly bath salt thingies that our son's girlfriend gave me for Christmas.

Sunday: It was a lovely sunny afternoon, but I didn't get out for the walk I intended because G decided that we ought to book our trips to Portugal and Amsterdam. (He's giving papers at two international conferences in these locations.) This involved lots of intense searching of Travelocity to find suitable flights and also some shouting when G's email crashed and wouldn't let us open or print the resulting confirmation emails/e-tickets. The shouting involved cries of, "You're not helping me!" from G and me responding with, "But I don't know anything about Outlook Express! I don't use it!" Luckily G did manage to export the emails to Outlook, so at least we knew we could get at them and then after some fiddling with moving stuff into other folders, he managed to delete enough stuff to get it working again. The problem seemed to be the 637 messages in the in-box.

So now my travel plans for the rest of the year look like:

Eastercon in Hinckley, Leicestershire
Long weekend in Portugal in July
World Con in Glasgow in early August
Amsterdam for 4 days in late August

Today I faffed around and didn't seem to do much, though I did catch up with OU stuff. I responded to students' queries in the online tutor group and created a spreadsheet, which I hope will speed up the marking of assignments that I'll have to do next weekend. I also trotted into town and bought more staples and then walked to the river to collect some stones and a piece of driftwood to incorporate into the still life for the digital photography lesson next Wednesday evening.

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