Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Time management

Over on Facebook, some friends were discussing motivation and time management. One said that she thinks of some weeks as being more "lumpy" than others. She defined a "lump" as a commitment lasting 90 minutes or more.

I think what she calls "lumps" I think of as obstacles. I tend to see the week like a show jumping course. I have my regular hurdles to clear, i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings all have routine commitments. These are nicely spaced out and if I don't have any of those, for example over Christmas or the summer holidays, I find life too unstructured and tend to flounder. Also, if things are getting too much, none of those sessions are essential and can be missed if I need some down time.

However, though I need some structure, if too many other "fences" get inserted into the week, I start to feel trapped and claustrophobic and each "jump" feels like a huge effort. This week was such a week, though the Monday afternoon meeting was postponed, I've prepared for the meeting tonight in which I have to introduce the person running the event, and the meeting tomorrow morning shouldn't be too demanding. By tomorrow lunchtime, I can heave a huge sigh of relief as I'm back to just the usual commitments.

Thankfully, next week should be just a normal week.

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