Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I did my second Parkrun

Today I did my second Parkrunwalk.

Though I don't mind walking in the rain, as the slowest person on the run, I don't want to keep the volunteer organisers hanging about longer than necessary so I will be a fine weather "runner", certainly for the moment. However, while there is a bad storm forecast for tonight/tomorrow, this morning was the literal calm before it arrives. The weather was quite mild for the time of year with even a little sun breaking through the cloud occasionally, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to try it again while the weather permitted.

I actually felt I was walking a little more slowly because I was talking to the tail walker most of the way, though I did a tiny amount of slow jogging for some stretches, but my time ended up 28 seconds faster! So my perception was a little adrift.

I've promised myself that if I can complete 4 parkruns, I can start buying running clothing, though I think I can justify buying a couple of sports bras now as they can be worn whenever I go out walking and being active.

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