Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Tiny daffodils

Storm Ciara battered us yesterday, but these tiny daffodils survived unscathed. Then after the storm, this morning we had a brief interval of sunny but cold and windy weather, and then it snowed! However, it didn't stick here, fortunately.

The daffodils were in a flowerbed in the college grounds and I snapped them on the way to the Welsh class. It was a good session. I then did useful things in the afternoon. I have got the computers sorted out now. I do the online social media and Habitica moderating on the laptop, which means I'm only using the desktop for photo-editing and sound editing. The sound and picture quality on the laptop aren't good enough to use it for everything, but I did some more video editing and it worked OK.

With luck I can manage like this until I can justify buying a new desktop computer.

Tiny daffodils

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