Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Computer woes

In other news, I was feeling frustrated that the computer was running slower than ever. I have moved what I can to the laptop, but the sound and image quality aren't good enough to do everything, and the screen is rather small to do the book proofreading/program testing for G. I googled about defragging, which was a thing I remember doing in the past, but apparently Windows 10 does it automatically. I found the relevant menu in the settings and ran a manual scan, but it said it was only 1% fragmented, so that's not the problem.

However, while I was in the settings menus, I found a Windows update that seemed incomplete. It said the computer needed to restart. It has restarted many times, but anyway I clicked on the button to restart and finish the update and it now seems to be running a little better.

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