Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Book number 2

Book cover No. 2 As a child and young teen, I always loved fairy tales, myths and legends. When I moved up to secondary school, I soon found the shelf in the school library that housed the small folklore, myths and legends collection. Again, it's difficult to believe it now, but other than Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, there really wasn't the genre of fantasy fiction when I was young. This is why as a teen, when Puffin started publishing fantasy, I fell on them avidly, even though they were, strictly speaking, too young for me. I became a huge fan of Alan Garner and my favourite was "Elidor" because his books made me realise that though I loved secondary world fantasy, my favourite type of fantasy is either portal fantasy (characters can travel to other magical worlds) or fantasies set in the "real" world where magic is a (usually) hidden part of life. Garner's books changed the type of story I started to write, particularly because the magical parts of "Elidor" where the two worlds touch was set where I used to live. He made the mundane magical for me.

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