Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Experiments in cookery

Brexit stockpile cooking, experiment No. 2: Whereas the spag bol made with tinned mince was edible and perfectly acceptable if there was nothing better available, curry made with tinned stewed steak worked really well and I will definitely make this again. Normally I would use fresh minced beef in this sort of curry, but the mushiness of the tinned stewed steak was perfect.

Basically it was an onion, a small carrot, two small peppers (one slightly squashed red one and one green), two cloves of garlic, and the end of a stick of celery (about 2 inches long). I had meant to throw in a few frozen peas, but forgot, but basically whatever veg you have available. Chop the veg fairly small and fry gently in some oil. I use a wok, but a large pan is fine. Once the veg has softened a little, stir in 3 well-rounded teaspoons of curry powder (or to taste). Add one tin of chopped tomatoes and one tin of stewed steak. Stir it all up and heat through and simmer gently until the rice has finished cooking. Stir in a sprinkle of garam masala before serving. It made 4 good helpings.

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