Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Book number 7

The final book of the seven book challenge.

I think I can confidently state that this is a book that none of you will have read or are likely to read in the future. "A Oes Heddwas" by Myfanwy Alexander is the first proper Welsh novel I managed to finish. I'd previously read books written for learners and some children's books and struggled a little way through a couple of other novels for adults, but this was the first novel written for native speakers that I read cover to cover and enjoyed in the same way I would enjoy reading a novel in English. I've since read the sequel "Pwnc Llosg" and have "Y Plygain Olaf" on my To Read pile, though I ought to bump it up to the top because there's a new Daf Dafis novel out now.

And having now googled to check the title of the latest novel, I see that there are English translations! So you could actually read this novel. If you like murder mysteries, interesting characters, a touch of humour and a glimpse into the darker side of rural life, I can highly recommend "Bloody Eisteddfod".


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