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Writing progress: Leaps and bounds!

Words today: 555
Words in Chapter 14: 3255 (now complete)
Words total: 65,422
Reason for stopping: Finished one scene and wrote two scenelets, one the final scenelet of Chapter 14 and the other one that opens Chapter 15. Time to do other things.
Other: I do like writing in omni, I've decided. *g* How wonderful to be able to just cut to the mountain's feelings and then jump to a rooftop in Flagg where the government officials receive the weekly pigeon with news of the worsening situation at Tasseff Park.

When I sat down to write this morning, I was 65% percent done, with 35% still to go. When I finished my writing session, I discovered that I was now 80% complete with a mere 20% or just under 17,000 words to write. "How can this be?" I hear you ask. The reason is that I've been looking at my spreadsheet-cum-outline. I now think one of the reasons I'd ground to a halt was that according to the circular diagram, I had a couple of chapters to go before the next Big Scene in which the townspeople think they haven't raised enough money, only to be saved by some last minute contributions. The thing was, I hadn't a clue what happened in these intervening chapters.

So after writing the scenelets, I took a long hard look at the outline and realised that those chapters just should not be there. If I think up incidents to fill them, it'll just be padding. So, columns now deleted, I just have Chapter 15 to write, in which Ceri needs to find out where the crystal key is kept and how to steer the mountain, and then we have reached the turning point. Yes, I have reached the end of the middle and am about to start writing the beginning of the end! Woo hoo!

I think that 85,000 words will be a perfectly respectable length for the first draft because it's bound to grow a little in the revision. There are places that I feel are a little sparse and need more detail, so it will expand. My novels always do, even when I try to cut them.

Oh, and to celebrate being in sight of the ending, I have created a new icon for the WIP. It's not a bad impression of Holly Pike as it is at the end of the book, settled beside the Long Lake just by the town of Longleton, though it's really Aran Ffawddwy viewed across Bala Lake. *g*

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