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This has to be my least favourite month. Winter seems to have gone on forever, but there's no sign yet of it ending. The days are just starting to lengthen. It's coming light now before the alarm goes at 7 a.m. and it's now 5 p.m. and only just going dark, but the days are still short and the weather is always dreary. Everywhere is mud.

But there are some signs of spring. The birds are starting to sing at dawn and there's something warbling out in the back garden now. And there are daffodils. After yesterday's lonely specimen, I discovered some lovely clumps over on the other side of town. My elderly friend lives at the top of the hill that has the best view and also faces south, so gets any sun that's going. These daffodils were on the road on the way to her house. I don't know how they've avoided being flattened by the wind.


Regarding the road resurfacing work, this is still dragging on. They've done part of the one way system, but other parts haven't been done. M actually phoned yesterday to say that the road that was passable last week is now definitely closed, but the other road is open, though it still says it's closed.

Anyway, as it wasn't actually raining this morning, I thought of a cunning plan. I wouldn't drive I would walk up, but instead of walking from home like I usually do, I would drive round to the car park by the ruined abbey and walk up the footpath that leads to the golf course. That would definitely be open. It made a nice chance as I haven't been that way for some time. I can never resist photographing the old barn. I think there's less of it as the years go by.

Old barn

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