Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

More adventures with road works

Last weekend I discovered that roads with signs saying "Road closed" were not necessarily closed and if you knew which one was actually open, you could drive along it. Today I discovered that absence of signs doesn't mean that the road is open.

I had formed a plan which would enable me to get some exercise, attend the Quaker meeting that we hold once a month at my elderly friend's house and also do a top-up shop in the EuroSpar. M had phoned yesterday to ask if I could bring some milk to meeting because she didn't have much left.

So, the plan was to: drive to the EuroSpar and park in their car park which, unlike the Co-op, doesn't have a time limit, do the shopping and leave it in the car before walking up the hill to M's house and attend meeting. The weather is still cold enough for food to be OK for a couple of hours and shopping beforehand meant I could be back home more quickly after the meeting.

But when I reached the square in the centre of town, there were cones across the road and resurfacing work had started. I therefore had to drive the wrong way for a quite a few metres along a one-way street before being able to escape up a side street and work my way back to the road leading out of town. A quick detour round the bypass followed and cautious progress through the road works at the bottom of M's hill, where they seemed to have set all the temporary traffic lights to red and were just beckoning the cars through.

This faffing around meant that there was no time to get anything other than the pint of milk, but the walk up the hill was pleasant, the business meeting after meeting for worship was productive and the sun was actually shining by the time I came to walk back down to the EuroSpar.

I got most of the things I wanted, but they had run out of loose tea. Why, when everyone is supposed to be concerned about plastic in tea bags, has it become really difficult to lay one's hands on loose tea? The Co-op haven't had any for ages and now my new source has let me down.

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