Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Another very wet morning

As I drove round to the college for Welsh class, they had just closed the bypass. It flooded a few days ago and two cars stupidly drove into the water and people had to be rescued. This time they're taking no chances.

The water is now as high as it ever comes in the wood that we call The Swamp. The bottoms of our gardens are underwater (perfectly normal under these conditions) but the whole of the playing fields has been transformed into a lake which is as high as I've ever seen it. But the town itself doesn't flood these days, though it did in the past. We used to know the person who owned the chemist shop in town, the one that is now a branch of Boots, and he said when he moved in, he wondered why the electric and gas meters in the basement were right up near the ceiling. The first extremely wet winter, he discovered the reason when the basement flooded. But that hasn't happened for decades and the flood defences were improved a few years ago.

But all this rain is becoming very tiresome and I would like more than one dry day at a time if the weather gods could please oblige?

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