Helen (heleninwales) wrote,


9/52 for the group 2020 Weekly Alphabet Photo

This week's theme was: I is for Interior

I've not had this car very long, but its interior is much more modern that our previous car. It took a while to work out the controls because so many things are automatic, like the heating and even the lights, which come on by themselves when it's gloomy. But I'm getting used to it and it's more comfortable than a 19 year-old Daihatsu 4x4.

I took the photo yesterday after going for a short walk. I've started shopping at the Eurospar more regularly now I've realised that they don't have a time limit on their car park. Actually I was only gone for about 35 minutes, but by parking on that side of town, I could walk up the hill and then turn right at the top and walk a little way along a very pleasant lane. I also played around with shooting video as I walked, like all the best vloggers do. I need to practice a little more, but it was an interesting experiment.

Of course after one bright sunny day, the weather is foul again. The temperature has dropped and it's poured with rain all day. Yet more flooding down in South Wales, sadly. And tomorrow Storm Jorge arrives. It seems that the Spanish meteorological office got to name this one, so we've missed out on storms beginning with F, G, H and I. Unless we slot those back in once Jorge has passed.

Car interior

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