Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Adverts on Facebook

I had an add-blocker on the browsers on the desktop computer, but haven't bothered to install it on the laptop and of course there isn't an adblocker for the tablet, so I've been seeing more Facebook ads in my newsfeed.

Some of them are even relevant.

Over the past six months or so I've actually caved in and bought 3 products after seeing the ads from companies I'd never bought from before. I thought I'd do a little review, so here's the first item, headbands from Hygge.

The ads are persuasive, showing women doing active things with their hair held back with the colourful bands. As it happens, I've started using headbands for keeping my hair off my face when out doing active things like hillwalking. I already had four Seasalt headbands which are lovely, but cost around £10 each. Hygge were advertising "Buy one get 3 free", which worked out at £4 each. The colours and designs were attractive too, brighter than the Seasalt ones.

After seeing the ads repeatedly and reading some of the comments, which were mostly favourable, I took the plunge. I was simultaneously pleased and disappointed. the colours are great and as cheerful as in the pictures, but I found them just a bit too tight (I do have a larger than average head) and so when I tried one the other day, it slid back in an annoying manner.

These headbands are basically just a tube of stretchy fabric and comparing the Hygge headbands with the Seasalt ones, the Hygge tube is longer and the diameter about 1/2 an inch less, Just enough to make the difference between just right and a little too tight.

My first thought was to see if I could stretch them in some way, but then I remembered a comment from a woman who said she'd found they contained too much fabric and she'd cut them in half. This worked brilliantly. With only half the amount of material, the band is thinner and thus more stretchy and so now I have 8 bands for the price of one!

Would I buy them again? I'll see how these go, but probably not. The Seasalt ones are better quality, which is reflected in the price, but I now have a great selection of colours and patterns to choose from and no need to buy any more in the foreseeable future.

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