Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Why I'll never be a minimalist

The desktop computer told me that the version of Windows 10 it was running was no longer supported and it needed to update to a brand new version. I scheduled the update with a certain amount of trepidation, but (touch wood) it does seem to be running better. I'm not reverting to use it as my main computer, but by sharing the workload between the desktop and laptop, I have a workable system, particularly because I've discovered I can use the big monitor with the laptop.

I went out the other day to shoot some practice video. Many popular vloggers walk along, talking to the camera, and I thought I'd do some experimenting. When I came to edit the clips on the laptop, the colours looked rather too blue and I started playing around with some of the editing features in Shotcut that I hadn't used before. However, viewing the edited video that looked right on the laptop on the desktop screen, it was too orange.

The problem with the laptop is that the brightness of the screen changes if you move your head or change the angle of the screen. This isn't a problem if you're viewing something because you can adjust the screen angle so it looks right, but if you're trying to edit brightness, it's a big problem. But then I remembered that I'd seen people running a big screen from a laptop.

Simply unplugging the cable from the desktop and connecting it to the laptop didn't work because the fitting wasn't right, but we have a whole basket of cables that were not needed for our particular set up but were kept because they "might come in useful someday". And that day had arrived! There was a cable with the right connectors so I can plug the laptop into the big monitor when I need more accurate colour for video editing.

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