Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Small signs of spring?

I'm getting very frustrated by the weather. High winds, driving rain, unexpected hail showers...

Though today has decided to be bright and sunny with fluffy white clouds, but it was very windy by the village hall where we hold our Quaker meetings. It's sheltered where we live (though the green wheelie bin did get blown over last night by a sudden gust), but the wind comes straight down the valley at the hall, so it can be calm here and blowing a gale there.

There were just 3 of us at meeting. There can be as many as 7 when we're all there, but one member is on holiday in the Canary Islands (hopefully not Tenerife) and the others must be busy.

Going to meeting reminded me that I haven't typed up the minutes of the business meeting that was held last week. Actually it feels like that meeting was ages ago, but my diary assures me that it was just last Sunday.

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