Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Whatever it was, I've forgotten it

First thing this morning there was something I was going to write a post about, but I didn't have time to do it before I set off to walk up to see my elderly friend and now I can't remember what it was. Obviously not of earth shattering importance then.

The weather managed to produce another sunny day so, having done the food shopping yesterday after my walk around Foel Offrwm, I walked up the hill to see M and did a Say Something in Spanish challenge on the way. My notes tell me I didn't do a challenge during February, but though I expected to have forgotten everything, it all came back during the challenge. That is the good thing about the Say Something In... method. The spaced repetition is built in, so earlier stuff automatically gets repeated. I just wish they had a wider range of languages because I'd love to revive and improve the French I did at school, but they are a very small company and can only do so much.

Meanwhile Welsh people and other people for whom bilingualism is just normal are mocking the Daily Mirror on Twitter for rhapsodising over two-year-old Princess Charlotte's ability to "speak two languages" and boasting that she "has mastered a number of Spanish words". Any toddler in a bilingual family can do this. It's not special.

Ah, I think I've remembered what the thing was that I intended to write about. It was about how annoying it is when favourite products just disappear from sale.

My skin care routine, such as it is, involves wearing a tinted moisturiser most days. To remove it I used to use Boots own brand cold cream and then wash my face with Dove soap and water. Then Boots stopped making the cold cream but they had another cream that was a reasonable substitute. Then that disappeared from our local Boots, so I bought some Ponds cold cream, which was fine but much more expensive. Then that also disappeared from our local Boots shop. So I went online and ordered a couple of jars of their own brand cleansing/moisturising cream, which I finally used up a few weeks ago. Going online to order more, I discovered it was "Out of stock" and has been for weeks. So is Ponds cold cream.

I am still searching for a satisfactory alternative, but at least the loose tea has reappeared in the Co-op. It's now in different packaging, so that might be why it vanished for a while.

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