Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I enjoyed writing something silly

Yesterday (Sunday) I decided I ought to do the homework for this morning's Welsh class. Actually I misread my notes so I ended up doing the homework I should have done for the week before, but homework tasks are entirely optional, so it didn't really matter.

Anyway, the task said to, "write an article suitable for a local paper about an unexplained event. (about 150 words)."

In the lesson, we'd been reading about various weird happenings, such as lights that some people thought were UFOs.

Here's the translation of what I wrote.

Strange disappearances

What's happening in the gardens? Last week there were unexplained events in town.

Mrs Myfanwy Jones got up on Wednesday morning and looked through the window. She was surprised to see that the gnome which usually stood by the pond in her garden had disappeared. During the day, more people noticed the same thing. What has happened to the gnomes?

Said Mr Goronwy Williams, "This is an awful event. It will be young people, sure to be. Vandals the whole lot of them." But Ms Angharad Jones thought that something supernatural had happened. "It was the full moon on Tuesday night. It's likely that the fairies have stolen the gnomes."

The mystery lasted until the next Saturday when, thank goodness, the gnomes were discovered. A man who was walking his dog came across the gnomes in the wood about seven miles from the town. The gnomes were standing in a circle around a big red toadstool.

The owners were delighted to see their gnomes safe. Soon every gnome was returned to the gardens. Nobody knows how the gnomes travelled to the wood. The disappearance is still a mystery.

It was fun just writing a silly short piece. Which reminds me that I still want to do the video about Rory's Story Cubes. I'm going to look at Welsh Scrabble and the Story Cubes. I have my script written. I just need a quiet few hours with G out of the way and no rain falling on the conservatory roof.

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