Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Dawn chorus

We're heading rapidly towards the spring equinox, it's now light before the alarm goes off in the morning and the birds have started a tentative dawn chorus.

Something has started waking me up by warbling at the front of the house around 5.30 a.m. each morning. I don't know what it is, possibly a thrush robin(?), but while that warbles for about 30 minutes, it is accompanied by a chorus of vague tweeting from the back garden.

Then, when I've finally managed to doze off again, the woodpeckers starts drumming at 6.30. I have taken to leaving my tablet on the bedside table so I can check the internet and read some of my book until the alarm goes at 7 a.m.

I had a nice chat on phone this morning with our daughter. They are fine, not panicking about coronavirus but taking sensible precautions. She did report that there had been panic buying of pasta and toilet rolls down in their local Tesco in Cardiff, but they had sufficient supplies of food.

Of course just as I'm monitoring my health for any signs of symptoms, it's the start of the hayfever season. I always used to deny having any allergies and never got hayfever when I was young, but that was in a city in an area with no trees. Right now all the catkins and pussy willows are blooming on the trees beyond the bottom of our back garden and my nose is starting to run, which occasionally makes me cough. I occasionally say to my husband, "It's not coronavirus, it's just allergies."

Otherwise we are carrying on life much as normal, though G has started doing circular walks instead of walking to the coast (10 miles) and getting the bus back. I'll keep going to Welsh class, unless it's cancelled, and we are still meeting in the local cafe on Wednesdays for our chat. They have cancelled the Easter two day Welsh course and also cancelled the Welsh Learners' Eisteddfod, neither of which I was planning on attending.

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