Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Feeling less stressed today

Everything I go to has been put on hold, so I've automatically defaulted to self-isolation. However, as introverts, this is not a particular hardship as we'll be able to go for walks without meeting others.

I learned yesterday that our daughter and family are pretty certain they've got covid-19. I was pretty worried, but a longer conversation by text today established that they have had it for a while and are recovering well. But as there's no testing available, they can't be sure. You would have thought that testing people would be helpful, because if they have had it and are part of the immune group, they don't need to self-isolate. Fortunately both daughter and son-in-law are lecturers, so can work from home and teach online. Granddaughter will be back at school as soon as she's fully recovered, unless they've finally closed the schools by then. School is where she caught it, as she was the first to be ill.

However, as I said, today I felt less stressed by the whole thing and actually did some useful things instead of obsessively reading FB and Twitter. My default reaction to any sort of threat is to learn as much about it as possible. I think I'm as expert about it as I need to be for practical purposes.

In other news, I'm now pretty confident that the 5.30 a.m. warbler is a robin. (European robin, for my transatlantic readers.) I saw one this morning perched in the tree in the front garden, which is where the warbling seems to be coming from.

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