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Little to report

No writing progress, though I had planned to spend some time this morning making notes for the final chapters. My current thought is that the ending will go best if I write it as fast as possible, which means a bit of pre-planning on my Scene Planning Sheets. (These are to prevent the Already Written problem that occurs if I write any kind of detailed outline.) In the end no notes were written and all I've done is catch up with email and rasfc and put a load of dishes in the dishwasher.

Last night I did add a note to the file for Chapter 1 about adding a scenelet from Ceri's POV to split the long section in Wil's POV. I've also be cogitating on some very helpful notes David Levine posted to the IWriSloMo mailing list a few weeks ago. These were notes he'd taken at a novel writing workshop led by a couple of editors. Also cogitating on one of karentraviss's posts about plot v character. Nothing terribly helpful or profound emerging yet, but I'm beginning to think that you can't just divide a novel into Character, Plot and Background/setting. Perhaps the vague thing that I'm trying to pin down should be considered as part of character, but to me it's more an aspect of Plot. So, just as there isn't just one kind of IQ, there's a number of different aspects, such as emotional intelligence and pure logic intelligence, there isn't just Plot (i.e. things happen because other things happen), there's Emotional Plot (emotions happen because of events and previous emotional states), which runs parallel to Event Plot. Sort of like 2 part harmony.

Having decided that this Emotional Plot is a way of looking at novel structure, I now need to devise some way of charting it to aid the revision.

Here endeth the waffle for today. I'm sure everyone who has a grip on this writing thing already knew this. I mean I knew it (or my unconscious did), but it's just another thing I've noticed conscously and feel that I ought to get a better grip on if this novel's ever going to sell.

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