Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Language learning update and virtual socialising

Goodness! Is it Friday? Because I'm retired and all my social meetings are on hold due to the need to be aware of social distancing, I'm starting to lose track of the days.

I'm also not getting my normal language practice done. I'm investigating possibilities of holding a virtual chat via a hangout to keep in touch with the group of us who meet on Wednesday mornings in the local cafe to chat in Welsh, but not everyone is as tech savvy as I am. However, I definitely need to think of ways of including more language learning into my new routine, whatever that turns out to be. The only "normal" thing I did this week was the Skype chat in Welsh with my young Australian friend.

However, I have successfully done the Independent's concise crossword with my 97 year-old friend over the phone. I normally walk (or drive if it's wet) up to her house on a Friday morning and we have a cup of tea and a chat while doing the crossword. But obviously she doesn't want visitors at the moment. I have been feeling for a while that I ought to support one of the decent newspapers and I find the Independent the most balanced, so I'm trying their online edition which includes some of the puzzles. With us both having the same crossword in front of us, it worked OK and we both enjoyed doing it, once I remembered to speak more clearly. M is mentally very alert, but unfortunately very deaf!

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