Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Re-thinking plans

I definitely need to start doing more, as of tomorrow. I had expected life to carry on as normal until we came back from our week in Pembrokeshire, but then things changed extremely rapidly and the Welsh class, Welsh chat and Quaker meeting all got cancelled and we cancelled our trip away.

So basically I had no plans at all for the coming week because I thought we'd been on holiday, but I need to make some plans and not spend all day on social media.

I will see if I can set up a Google hangout for the usual Wednesday morning Welsh chat group. I don't know if anyone will take up the offer, but I can try. I will also suggest a short Sunday morning virtual meeting for our local Quaker meeting.

I also need to completely re-think my plans for my YouTube channel because I'm not going to be travelling anywhere and certainly not travelling on public transport. The whole "all the Railways in Wales in Welsh" theme is doomed. Ironically I had planned a indoor video for my next one because of the incessant bad weather, so I just need a few tweaks to the script for that one. Regarding filming outdoors, I have two ideas for local walks that don't involve driving far, but which I should be able to make interesting. At least my videos are just a hobby. There are some YouTube creators who rely on their channels for income and as they're self-employed they're not going to get any help from the government.

Edited to add: After thinking about it, I'll stick to making videos in the house or garden for the time being. I could, perfectly safely, film some local walks, but it might encourage people to come here (which we don't want, see my next post) or look like gloating: "See, I have this wonderful scenery to walk around. Shame you're stuck in your flat in the city!" A lot of vloggers do just make videos from their homes, so I just have to think of some suitable topics.

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