Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Visit Wales is telling people not to visit Wales

A friend on LJ is criticising the press for making people fearful of covid-10. Unfortunately, some people are not fearful enough. Over the weekend, North Wales was as packed with tourists as it is on a Bank Holiday. This is totally irresponsible. The virus is going round the densely populated areas, we don't want it brought here in large quantities because our rural health service can barely cope normally. We have fewer ITU beds per 1000 people than England. The last thing we need is people falling off cliffs or mountain bikes and needing treatment right now.

Also our populations skews elderly because people come here to retire and our young people move away to find work. People are not heeding the message to stay at home and it's going to get very ugly very quickly if they keep coming. Locals are already taking matters into their own hands and blocking car parking spaces at beauty spots and putting up big signs telling people to go home. Thankfully most caravan parks and holiday camps have closed now, but we still have the second home owners emptying the shelves in the little local shops so there's nothing left for elderly residents who can't drive and rely on them.

We don't want panic, but as people are not showing any responsibility to others, we do need people to be fearful enough that they heed the advice to stay at home which currently they're not doing. By all means go and walk around your local streets, woods, fields and parks (practising suitable social distancing), but driving a long distance to national parks and seaside resorts is, frankly irresponsible.

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