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Spring is in the air

The weather was beautiful yesterday so I went for a walk along a lane that I haven't been along for over 18 months. I'm not quite sure why I haven't been walking on that side of town, but it's a lovely walk, even though it's a tarmac road all the way. It also has the advantage that it's a walk I didn't discover until relatively recently so it doesn't have any memories attached. The reason I never discovered it previously was because for many years I thought it was a dead end and only led to the camping and touring caravan site and a scattering of farms. In fact it loops right round and rejoins the "main" lane a mile or so further on. It therefore makes a really nice circular.

I didn't do the complete loop yesterday. I retraced my steps when I reached the highest point, but it really did me good. I saw about 8 people, seven of whom I thought were tourists. It's possible that the extended family were local, but possibly they weren't. The young man with two walking poles definitely wouldn't be local, but the female jogger who overtook me was because she was wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a local 10k race.

I took the new Canon EOS M50 out with me to see how it performed for still photos. I bought it as a dual video/still camera for the times I didn't want to carry the heavy DSLR. It's the replacement for my 13 year-old Canon PowerShot. I was definitely pleased with the result. It's going to be an excellent all round camera for vlogging and field trips.


Spring is on the way now. No leaves on the trees yet though the spring flowers are starting to appear. There were clumps of primroses on the grass verge.

The gorse is blooming. Actually there must be different species because gorse can be found in flower most of the year. It's lovely to see some bright spring colour, but I forgot to smell it to see if it smells of coconut.


Looking back down the road. The gate is because there is a cattle grid across the road here. Whenever there is a cattle grid, there is always a gate and a loop of track to let any horse riders through. It also allows farmers to drive herds of cattle or flocks of sheep from one place to another.

IMG_0104 Gate & trees copy

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