Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

We won't starve for another week

I did the usual Skype chat this morning with A in Australia. They are still having to go into work because there is no lock down there yet. Sadly A has had to cancel their trip to Europe and the UK which was supposed to happen in June/July.

After that I drove into town to shop for the coming week. My normal pattern of shopping is one larger shop by car to get the heavy and bulky items and then 2-3 small top-up trips done on foot. But I'm trying to limit the number of times I go near people, so it's now one big shop by car per week.

There was less fresh produce and still no rice or pasta or soya milk, but a few tins of soup had appeared and I found a pack of 4 toilet rolls and also paracetamol, which we don't normally keep, but it's the painkiller recommended for covid-19. However, there was no soap, but that's not crucial yet. But I got the important things bread and milk, and more meat and some carrots and cheese and pizzas and a packet of G's favourite cereal, plus a couple of bottles of wine and the other things we were running low on.

The Co-op were limiting the numbers of people in the store at any one time and had also marked queuing distances on the floor by the checkouts, so they are trying their best. The only problem with doing a large shop is that the amount is well over the £30 limit for contactless payments, but I washed my hands thoroughly when I got home anyway.

I then used some of last week's vegetables to make a big pot of soup which will last us for a few days. This is one new habit that I think I will continue even when normality returns. G always has soup for lunch and usually he'll have tinned soup. I tend to have a sandwich, but homemade soup is a good way of eating more veg and it's very economical.

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