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It's here at last!

Warmth! Sun! It's spriiiiiing! Lambs totter around the fields on wobbly legs. I overheat in my faux sheepskin jacket and winter boots. And yet tonight I feel really flat and tired. I think it's the tail end of this strange cold I've had for the past 3 weeks. I say "strange" because instead of being one horrible intensive but short-lasting cold, it's been mild, yet dragged itself out over nearly a month. Thank goodness it's the Easter Hols next week. (Though I will be working on Monday.)

Feeling of flatness was not helped by finding a rejection letter when I arrived home. Pooh! It was the mainstream short that I wrote by accident. At least it was quite a nice rejection. After saying that they'd had nearly 1100 entries, the letter went on to say, "The standard of writing was extremely high and the team involved in the first stage of the selection process had considerable difficulty in choosing the final 100 to go through to the next round of the competition." My story didn't make it, obviously, but it didn't make me feel as despondant as the rejection I got from the Speculative Literature Association (for my application for their Older Writers Grant) who said in their message announcing the winner, "What made the winner stand out was good writing, good characterization, an interesting idea, and a lack of cliches." Which more or less implies that my writing did not stand out because it was dull, with poor characterisation, boring ideas and full of cliches. *Sulk* *Pout*

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