Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Useful things done

Yesterday I managed to shoot enough footage (if one still calls it that in the digital age?) for my next YouTube video. Today I started putting it together and I think it should be OK. No one will notice the faint tweeting of birds in the background, will they? The only sensible place to film is in the conservatory because the light is good and I can use the bookcases as a backdrop, but it's not soundproof.

I also *gasp!* did some cleaning in the kitchen and experimented with the jitsi videoconferencing. It's much easier to use than Zoom, but doesn't work on Apple computers. The Welsh group chat went OK via Google Hangout, so I'll do that again tomorrow, but I'm trying to arrange something for our Quaker meeting. Unfortunately at least one other member is an Apple person. Hangouts work on Macs, but only if you install Chrome and she doesn't want to do that. Next step is to see what sort of phone she has.

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