Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Tempers becoming frayed?

Had a conversation via text with our daughter. She said her attempt to go shopping was somewhat fraught. First she witnessed a man being aggressive outside Waitrose. He was removed by security and held down on some grass. As she drove past some time later, after going to another shop, she saw him being arrested by two mounted police officers. Not what you expect from Waitrose customers!


Then, having gone to Morrisons, that wasn't much better as a woman was having a row with security because they would let her whole family into the shop, family being her partner and parents.

Meanwhile my trip to the Co-op was very calm and well-organised. I got everything I wanted, including porridge oats and soya milk which haven't been available for several weeks. Oh, apart from mint tea. For some reason that vanished and hasn't yet returned.

I did see one woman wearing a mask though. First time I've seen that.

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