Helen (heleninwales) wrote,


12/30 for my photo-a-day in April

There are still daffodils blooming. This actually belongs to our neighbours, but it's only a few paces from our front door.


I was musing this morning about why I've never got to grips with the garden. I think it's because of the way I think and see things. When I was doing teacher training, we did questionnaires to determine what kind of learner/thinker we were. I came out as visual, reflective and global. So I tend to think in pictures, I need to have digested each new piece of information before I can fit it into my framework of knowledge (this means that a traditional lecture is a disaster for me!) and I tend to see a whole picture.

So basically I can conjure a picture of the ideal garden I would like. I can also see the complete picture of the mess that our fairly large garden is currently in, but haven't yet worked out the steps to get from one to another.

It was in an article in the Independent this morning about gardening as a way of coping with these difficult times that made me realise that if I am to make any progress, I have to change the way I think: "The mark of a true gardener is a person who does not see a finished landscape but a series of tasks that need to be tackled."

So I've decided the first thing to tackle is to plant some herbs. I'm sceptical about growing things like potatoes because it's a lot of work and then they either fail, become infested with slugs, or you end up with a glut and can't eat them fast enough. But fresh herbs are much nicer than dried ones and are expensive to buy. It's a bank holiday tomorrow, so no Welsh class (via Skype), so I'll see what I can find in the garage in the way of pots and compost and see if I can start some herbs.

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