Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Today's random thoughts

The weather today feels exactly right for the time of year. I went for a walk last Friday without a coat or even a cardigan. It felt wrong, like June weather and almost thundery. This morning it's bright and sunny but chilly with a crispness to the air that will no doubt disappear at the day goes on and the sun shines. Just right for April.

The Covid-19 death toll rises and some famous names are succumbing. Boris Johnson, of course, has survived and though I certainly didn't wish him dead (I hope he one day faces a public enquiry into his abysmal handling of the whole pandemic) I do hope he has learned some humility and a greater appreciation of the work that people do in the health service. Sterling Moss didn't die of covid-19 and was 90 years old so while it marks the passing of an era in motor racing, is not particularly sad. However, Tim Brooke-Taylor was only in his late 70s and probably should have had a few good years left. Also I understand that Michael Rosen is very ill with covid-19. He is only early 70s.

Yet age isn't always an indication that someone will survive or die. Johnson is only in his mid-50s and was extremely ill while Prince Charles is 71 and shrugged off the disease relatively easily. There have even been a couple of cases of people aged over 100 who survived Spanish Flu as small children and have now recovered from covid-19. They must have particularly robust immune systems because Spanish flu was worse for young people whilst covid-19 is more likely to kill the old.

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