Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Making face masks

I'm behind again on posting my daily photos, but I have been taking at least one photo every day.


People have started wearing face masks or scarves in the local supermarket. Last week there was just one woman, this week there were five people: the two people on the checkout, two people with scarves round their faces and a man in a very serious looking mask who turned out to work at the local nuclear power station. I suspect he had acquired one from work, a mask that is probably proof against radioactive dust.

I thought it was time I followed the trend. I didn't want to buy proper masks that are best kept for medical staff and carers, so I'm making my own. After looking at a few patterns, I found one that was straightforward and it's turned out well. It's two layers of cotton fabric, pleated to ensure a good fit and there is a pocket for a filter if you want to add one.

My Singer sewing machine belonged to my mother-in-law and I looked it up online once, using it's serial number. If I remember correctly, it's nearly 100 years old, having been made in 1923. It's a hand wound machine, but still works fine for simple sewing tasks.



The very old sewing machine couldn't cope with the last step, so the next day I had to sew the pleats in place by hand.

Also I didn't have any elastic, so the stretchy loops are made from a sock that my husband refused to wear because the grey was too pale. I found I needed to knot the loops to ensure a snug fit. However, as the loops go round the ears, they are hidden by my hair, so it doesn't matter that I had to improvise.

Homemade face masks

Next week I will become a mask wearer...

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