Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Catching up

21/30 for my photo a day during April

I've worked out a walk from my house that takes 15-20 minutes and is just the thing for getting a bit of exercise without having to drive anywhere.

Cader Idris

That peak isn't actually the summit. Cader Idris is like a mini-mountain range and that's the northernmost end.

Also have some bonus wild garlic. Before long, this footpath with stink of garlic. The flowers are very pretty, but the smell can get a bit overpowering on a hot day without any wind.

Wild Garlic

I'll process and post today's photo tomorrow.

So today is Wednesday, which means it was the online hangout version of our Welsh cafe chat. It's working quite well. I create a new hangout around 9 a.m. and email the link to everyone. People appear online from 10 a.m. onwards.

There were 6 of us this morning, and the oldest members of our group have finally managed the technology and both took part. Conversation covered:

The programme on S4C, "Iaith ar daith" (roughly translates as "Language on the Road"). The first episode had Carol Vorderman, quite well known on British TV. Her native speaking companion was Owain Wyn Evans who recently went viral after playing the drums at the end of his (perfectly serious) weather forecast. He's actually the presenter for the weather on a channel in the NW of England, but seeing his name and the way he played the drums, I wouldn't mind betting he was in a Welsh language band at college.

Anyway, other topics of conversation were: Have you heard the cuckoo? (Answer, two people have, but not me) Birds, the mystery of what has been pulling leaves off P's broccoli and spinach and then leaving them in a pile under a shrub, and pine martens and deer.

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