Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Thursday (new normal)

Thursday is the day I've chosen as my weekly shopping day. Traditionally in town Friday is busiest because the farmers livestock market is held on a Friday. Obviously I suspect that's closed at the moment, but people are creatures of habit and if they're used to doing their big shop on a Friday, they probably are carrying on doing it. Monday is busy with people stocking up after the weekend and Wednesday is the online cafe chat. So anyway, I've chosen Thursday morning, fairly early as my shopping time.

I've taken to driving to the Co-op the long way round via the bypass. It's less than a mile going the quick way through town, but the poor car is just standing in the parking area in front of the house, so I feel that a longer run and a chance to drive faster than 20 miles an hour is more likely to keep it happy.

I wore one of the masks for the first time, and did feel rather self-conscious as this week there was only one other woman in a mask. I realised, on meeting an old colleague from the college, that you can't smile in a mask. Well, you can, but I don't know how visible a smile is. :-( Anyway they are fine and I passed on brief news about what G is up to.

I got almost everything I wanted and was delighted to find mint tea, which has been inexplicably absent from the shelves for weeks, even before the lockdown. I also got another pack of rice which means I can plan some curries and chilli dishes this week.

I hauled everything home and stashed it away in the fridge and freezer. We should now be OK for another week.

I then went online and caught up with Facebook and email while waiting to see if A would appear on Skype for our usual chat in Welsh. They've missed for three weeks now, so I need to message them. It's perfectly possible that practising Welsh has slipped right down their priorities at the moment, especially as they've had to cancel their trip to Europe and Wales. I totally understand. My motivation to learn Spanish has vanished, along with the prospect of having a little holiday there any time in the foreseeable future.

G and I then sorted out a few problems I'd discovered with the programming book. Mostly trivia, such as typos or a place where the wording could be made a bit clearer, but there was one point where it needed to tell the student to delete some data from a database table.

After that the afternoon sort of vanished in watching a couple of YouTube videos and then I went for a brisk walk into town and around the playing fields beside the river. I took a few photos which I'll post shortly. I have had an idea for a video I can shoot outdoors without infringing any self-distancing or lockdown rules, but it needs some planning. More on that when I've done some research.

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