Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A lazy day

I haven't done much today, but it's a Saturday and though we're retired and in lockdown, I am trying to keep the days differentiated by doing different things. So Saturday is allowed to be a Not Doing Much Day.

I did, however, start making some more facemasks. I wore one last Thursday to go to the Co-op and another yesterday while queueing to leave my prescription renewal form at the chemists. I felt I needed more than just two and also that if G needs to wear one, he won't want one with little hearts on.

So I did the initial seaming of one more from the cute fabric and three of a dark blue fabric that once was a pillow case. I struggled a bit with the sewing machine which is definitely showing its age. One problem is that it's rarely used, but I did get the first stages of the sewing done. Next step, which can be done tomorrow, is to sew in the stretchy loops then the final step of sewing the pleats in place has to be done by hand. Then I should have enough masks for the foreseeable future. The first two have washed OK and are now ironed and back in the drawer ready for next week.

Sewing things

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