Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Where do all the dishes come from?

The Welsh lesson on Skype went well this morning. All but two of the usual class managed to log in and take part, so there were 7 of use plus tutor. We're only doing one hour instead of the usual two, but we're doing useful revision and I'm glad the university have decided to try online lessons rather than just give up.

After that, I seem to have spent the entire day washing up.

The problem with doing more cooking from scratch is that there are more pots and pans and casserole dishes. If I'd known that we'd be unable to have the new kitchen installed, I'd have bought a free-standing dishwasher as soon as the old one sprang a leak. But washing up by hand was supposed to be a temporary thing for a month or so until we found a builder to completely re-do the kitchen. As it is, I have no idea how long I'll be hand washing dishes.

I also finally decided to do something with the damsons that have been in the freezer since whenever it is that damsons are ripe. Our neighbour gave me some last August/September (or whenever) and I thought I'd make some jam with them. But I didn't have time just then, so I put them in the freezer where they've been ever since. There really weren't enough for jam, so today, as freezer space is quite valuable at the moment, I hauled them out and I've just thawed and stewed them. I'll make a crumble topping and they'll make a dessert for a couple of days.

And here's yesterday's photo.

26/30 for my daily photo in April

This is the first time I've had to resort to the view from my study window. No blue visible today. The weather changed overnight.

IMG_20200426_180349 view from window copy

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