Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Gate to the graveyard

29/30 for my daily photo in April

I can't resist an interesting gate. The light was just right to get the sunlit graveyard beyond the iron gate.


I actually went out for a brisk walk round the edge of town to get a photo looking across the river at where the railway station used to be. I've started planning my next video, which I hope to shoot in stealth mode whilst out for my permitted daily exercise. Normally I shoot everything on one day, but if I grab shots over a period of several days, I think I can make this work without at any time loitering about messing with cameras which is non-essential and therefore forbidden at the moment.

Otherwise the day has been moderately productive. This morning I set up the hangout that is the substitute for the Welsh chat group that normally takes place in a local cafe. I then watched some videos about gardening on YouTube. G has a hatred of anything to do with gardening, but I do like the idea of growing some things to eat. Freshly harvested fruit and veg does taste nicer than when bought from a shop. The trick will be to find things that are easy to grow, nice to eat and that are relatively expensive to buy. I really see no point in growing potatoes as we have nowhere to store them and they are cheap in the shops.

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