Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

April photo challenge mosaic

I set myself the challenge of taking a photo every day during April. I'll do the same during the other 30 day months this year. I will, of course, be taking photos during May and all the other months with 31 days, but I won't be making a special effort to take one every single day.

Mosaic April 2020

1. Boiled egg and toast, 2. Catkin & buds, 3. Dandelion, 4. Ivy berries, 5. Bee & Owl, 6. Daffodils, 7. Welsh Scrabble & Rory's story cubes, 8. Selfie with computer, 9. Obvious phone wires, 10. Post box, 11. Easter chocolate, 12. Daffodil, 13. Dandelion seeds, 14. Sunny view, 15. Sewing, 16. Homemade face masks, 17. A doll & her pet dog, 18. Exporting video, 19. Easy peelers, 20. Jostaberry blosom, 21. Cader Idris, 22. Daisies, 23. River Wnion, 24. A socially distanced queue, 25. Sewing things, 26. IMG_20200426_180349 view from window copy, 27. Wild strawberry, 28. What time is it?, 29. Gate, 30. Dried Peas

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