Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Support the NHS display

A very cheerful display in support of the NHS.

Support the NHS display

I am very glad that the row of houses where I live has not decided to do the clapping for the NHS on Thursday evenings. It's not that I don't support our health care workers -- of course I do -- but I don't see how standing outside applauding is in any way going to help. Applauding outside the hospital or health centre might work to show appreciation, but wouldn't be sensible at a time when it's important to remain at home and maintain social distancing. It just seems to have become another thing where people outdo one another to show ostentatious support, rather like poppy wearing around Remembrance Day in November.

Having mentioned this to G, he did suggest that perhaps there was a nurse or carer who lived on that street, which is possible and would make sense.

I took the photo on the way into town to collect my blood pressure tablets. I again waited (wearing a mask) in the (well spaced) queue outside the chemists and, after a few moments, an assistant came out (in full PPE) and asked if anyone was just waiting to collect prescriptions. I raised my hand, so did the woman behind me. Shop assistant took our names and very shortly produced our medication. All done very efficiently with social distancing maintained, other than the moment of handover.

I then decided that rather than return home immediately, I'd have another try at finding a vantage point to take a photo from approximately the same point as one taken in 1888 showing the railway station that is no longer there. Unfortunately there were trees in the way and trying a path higher up the hill, the roofs of the council offices block the view. I reckon the car park in front of the council offices might provide a suitable location, but there was a gardener wandering around with one of those litter grabbers. I think an early morning visit on a Sunday is called for.

Before I went into town, I did what has become the regular phone chat with my elderly friend M. We did the crossword together and also the zygolex, which is another type of word puzzle.

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