Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Feeling a little grumpy

I have done a few things off the To-Do list I drew up for today. I have:

  • Set up the Zoom virtual Quaker meeting

  • Took part in the virtual Quaker meeting

  • Spent far more time than I should removing members from a guild I lead in Habitica

  • Planted some peas

  • Did a bit of ironing

  • Pinned the pleats in place on the next batch of face masks

I still need to do the homework to prepare for the Welsh lesson tomorrow and do a pile of washing up so I can cook dinner. It's odd that I don't count cooking dinner as a task that needs to be put on the To-Do list. It's just a thing I do automatically, yet of course it does take effort.

The reason I'm feeling a little grumpy is because I know G wants me to make progress with proof-reading and testing his programming book, but I haven't done any for a couple of days. What happens is that I go upstairs to my study, put "30 mins of proof reading" on my To-Do list and then feel resentful. I then spend hours in the study, doing anything but testing the programs. The house gets messier, I feel more stressed and guilty and this isn't helpful.

Another reason for feeling grumpy is that the days are too much the same. I'm doing the same things as I always do, but instead of face-to-face they're online. So instead of going to the college on Mondays, the cafe in town on Wednesdays, visiting my friend's house in Fridays and going to the village hall on Sundays, everything is happening on the computer in my tiny cramped study.

I need to do more to differentiate the days, so I have resolved that from now on I will take a clear weekend of NOT doing any book testing, which from I will regard as work. I do also need to get outside more, either for walks or doing stuff in the garden. The garden has its own psychological problems, but for the moment I will be content with getting my peas planted and tomorrow planting some herbs.

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