Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Domestic trivia

Only posting this in an effort to convince myself that I did do a couple of productive things today. Total dullness lurks behind

  • Did a load of washing

  • Went to hang washing out on the line

  • Discovered that washing line is cutting into the bark of the supporting trees

  • Wrestled with knots in washing line for a while

  • Fetched knife from house

  • Removed and re-tied washing line

  • Hung out washing

  • Printed out Blocks 1 & 2 of the fiction writing course for student with dead computer

  • Assembled printouts into an envelope

  • Made lunch for self and G (tinned soup and bread and cheese)

  • Decided that I was too tired and groggy to do anything useful

  • Slept for 1½ hours

  • Printed out the story to be submitted to F&SF

  • Spotted that though I had changed the title on the first page, I hadn't changed it in the header

  • Used first printout for file copy for reference

  • Printed second copy of story

  • Checked address of F&SF online

  • Wrote cover letter

  • Put story, cover letter and SAE into large envelope

There we are, if we write it out as a long thin list, it doesn't look as though I totally wasted the day, which is what it feels like.

Hoping that tomorrow I'll feel as though my mind is firing on all cylinders again.

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