Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Harmony is restored

After a grumpy day or so, G and I are back to our normal amicable state. We've been married for 45 years and most of the time we get on very well together, but we can never understand couples who claim to have never had a cross word. Perhaps we just have more volatile personalities? But every so often something triggers a dispute, which usually involves some bad-tempered shouting.

In this case it was G getting very angry about proposals he said he'd seen put forward by the government, namely to ease the lockdown for younger people but basically put the over-70s and any vulnerable people under house arrest. I tried to reason with him explaining that:

a) This didn't apply to him. He's not yet 70 and by the time he is 70 next year, who knows what the situation will be?
b) That people over 70 wouldn't stand for it

He then went for a long walk and came back in a better mood. Of course today there are plenty of articles saying how that's not an option because people over 70 wouldn't stand for being made to stay indoors while others went about their normal live and that they were capable for deciding for themselves whether health conditions made them vulnerable and thus need to self-isolate. Meanwhile the government are denying that they suggested any such thing.

Elsewhere on LJ someone asked how we were doing regarding diet during the current crisis. I actually think we probably have a better diet due to lockdown. G usually has soup with cheese and crackers for lunch. I usually have a sandwich, but because the tinned soups vanished right at the start during the panic buying phase, I've been making soup with fresh veggies and I think it's something I'll continue, even when grocery supplies get back to normal. We've nearly finished the mixed veg soup I made a couple of days ago. The next pot of soup will be leek and potato which is really easy and much nicer than the tinned version.

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