Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The Tories are testing a new covid-10 app in the Isle of Wight

The whole idea of this app is a con. Instead of buying in a tried and tested app from either Germany or South Korea, we plucky Brits are so special that we have to have our own app that works completely differently and relies on people being able to tell the difference between coronavirus and hay fever or a cold. Germany and South Korea had a rigorous testing system so a warning would only be sent by the app when someone tested positive for covid-19. It's pure coincidence that the company paid to create the app just happens to have been the company that helped the Vote Leave campaign win the referendum. Cronyism at its more rampant.

But the app isn't going to work as advertised. Even ignoring people who might maliciously claim to have the virus to cause a local shut-down, with the UK app, someone feeling a bit poorly and being over-cautious could trigger a swathe of people having to self-isolate, and of course anyone who is asymptomatic won't know to press the "warn everyone!" button. But the government will test it in an area with a low incidence of covid-19, claim it's a success and then roll it out over the country and tell people it's now safe to go back to work and mingle with people again. This will result in a new spike of cases and deaths.

I am so weary of being angry at the incompetence of our ruling class. :-(

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