Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Solitary walker

19/52 for the group 2020 Weekly Alphabet challenge

This week's theme was: S is for Solitary

This morning I had a brisk walk into town to see if I could take a photo from the same position as one taken in 1888 showing the steps down to the platform of the railway station in our little town. The station is long gone. The line succumbed to the Beeching axe in the late-60s and there's a bypass where the trains once ran, but my next video will be about the stretch of old railway from town to the next station along. I can do this whilst keeping within the current social distancing rules, though I'll need to take the video and photos gradually over a period of several days because we're only supposed to be going out for exercise. We're not supposed to be standing around shooting video. Snatching a shot here and a video clip there will be necessary.

I'd had a couple of attempts to find the place the photographer must have been standing and failed, though I eventually worked out the photo must have been taken from what is now the car park of the council offices. Two previous attempts to recreate the shot had to be aborted because there was a gardener pottering about the car park, so I thought that early morning at the weekend would be the time to do it. Early morning was also best because of the position of the sun. Later in the day it would be shining straight at the camera.

Here's the old photo...

And here's my best attempt to re-take the shot over 130 years later.

Solitary walker

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